Networks, citizen watches and coalitions
January, 19 to 26, the Senate examines in public session the Bill for the reconquest of biodiversity, nature and landscape, already adopted by the National Assembly on March 24, 2015.
Bill on Biodiversity :
The group Semons la biodiversité”, in which BEDE and RSP are part, offers very important amendments to protect the biodiversity of new technologies and to prohibit GMO patents on native traits of plants and animals.
> More on the website of the Collective Semons la biodiversité”
Discussions in the Senate will be held from 19 to 26 January 2015. If you have the opportunity to support these amendments by your elected officials, take action right away. > Join the cyberaction
> Read the paper published in sept. 2015 in “Nouvelles de BEDE” (newsletter) (French) : “Privatisation du vivant par les nouvelles techniques de biotechnologies / Brevet sur les « traits natifs »
Recent publications
West Africa / Enhancement of agricultural biodiversity

Couv Consommer local “Consume local biodiversity for a better alimentation”, a bilingual and illustrated booklet (Bambara and French) to inform particularly rural women and consumers about issues related to the consumption of local and imported products in Mali.
“Through different examples, this book shows how the consumption of products from wild and cultivated biodiversity is important for the environment, for the health of living beings and the earth and the economy. This is a pillar of food sovereignty. When one buys, consumes a product, one has to think what it’s behind. Good food makes good health and good intellectual development. ”
Alimata Traore (Convergence of rural women for food sovereignty – COFERSA) and Anne Berson (BEDE)
Printed and distributed in Mali
› Read the web version (french) “Consommer la biodiversité locale pour mieux se nourrir” (drawings in low resolution)

Educationnal and artistic resources
Affiche A new staging of the play
“Le Péché ogémique” (GM sin…)
a burlesque and citizen show

First performed at the Theatre of Villefranche (69, France) mid-January
Show for all audiences, duration 1h15
with Cecile Morel et Etienne Brac
Writting Etienne Brac
Collaboration Emmanuelle Della Schiava, Cecile Morel
Genetic counseling
R.A. Brac de la Perriere

> To know more and to present the play in your area

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