The heavy toll of date palm workers
Tribute to the date palm climbers and a special thought
for Mustapha Cherifi and his family

The softness of a date masks the adversity endured by the date palm climbers who sometimes pay with their lives the exercise of their craft. On February 2, 2017, in the palm grove of Beni Isguen, a very brief moment of inattention has been enough for Mustapha Cherifi to fall from the date palm tree in which he was working. This very experienced date palm cultivator leaves three orphans and a widow waiting for their 4 Th child. > Read more

Support Peasant Seeds in West Africa

To promote the knowledge of peasants on their seeds in West Africa

Our team worked with peasants and farmers in West Africa to produce a GUIDE FOR PEASANT SEEDS PRODUCTION which will include a booklet presenting the fundamentals of peasant seed production : selection, production, conservation; And 32 fact sheets detailing the keys to seed production, species by species, differentiating the vegetable species from the cereal species.

We are counting today on your mobilization and your support
to finalize and see the outcome of this project

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Maghreb / Enhancement of Agricultural Biodiversity
Community management of varietal diversity of the fig tree in the Beni Maouche region (Algeria) with the AFWB
February 2017 : Harvesting and setting up of nurseries

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West Africa / Peasant Seeds
Training “Produce local seeds in peasant agroecology” – COFERSA / BEDE – 21 to 27 November 2016 in Sikasso (Mali)
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With support of the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations)
West Africa / Biodiversity and Nutrition
Workshop and Public Conference “Towards a Joint Approach to Biodiversity and Nutrition in Mali: Challenges and Opportunities” Organized by BEDE in collaboration with COFERSA and FAO – 6 and 7 December 2016 in Ségou (Mali)
Soon / Dates to remember
Maghreb / Peasants Rights

March 2017
What legal status for date palm climbers?
A multi-stakeholder workshop proposed by BEDE in collaboration with the University of El Oued (Algeria)
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Hérault / Agroecology

22 March 2017, in the framework of the WEEK FOR ALTERNATIVES TO PESTICIDES, will animate the debate after the screening of the film “The harvest of the future” by Marie-Monique Robin (8 pm), Salle Marcel Pagnol in Lansargues (34). Evening organized by La Fabrique citoyenne du Pays de l’Or.
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Recent publications
West Africa / Seed Regulations
“Semences, normes et paysans : État des lieux du cadre normatif et institutionnel du système semencier et de la place des semences paysannes et des droits des agriculteurs au Mali” (IRPAD / BEDE, juin 2016)
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International / Coalitions / Agricultural Biodiversity
Publication of the brochure “Peasants give Life to Biodiversity” produced by the CIP (International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty)
For the occasion of the opening of the On the occasion of the opening of the Sixteenth Ordinary Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
30 January – 3 February 2017
A contribution of small food producers to the first report on “State of Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture in the World”
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> For more information on the process put in place by the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC)
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Maghreb/ Enhancement of Biodiversity


“Passions de figues”, “Passions for figs”, Authors : Chantal Lombet, Marie Poizat, and Nordine Boulahouat (BEDE). Produced in collaboration with the Association of Figuiculteurs of the wilaya of Bejaia (AFWB) in Algeria, published in September 2016.

With this book BEDE wants to highlight a product with exceptional virtues, and transmit the valuable knowledge of Mediterranean women on the diversity of its uses in the kitchen. In addition to many knowledge about the history, culture and varietal diversity, this book provides a list of sweet and savory recipes as well as therapeutic uses, illustrated with numerous photos.
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“Les plantes qui nourrissent notre village”, “The plants that nourish our village”, by the children of Tazla (Algeria) and Nordine Boulahouat (BEDE). Produced in collaboration with the Association ADHRAR for Local Development of the Village of Tazla and published in September 2016.
This book is the fruit of an educational project to raise awareness on biodiversity conservation locally grown, started in 2015 with the Association of Tazla (Kabylia, Algeria) and the children of the village. 17 children aged 7 to 17 were invited to choose the food plants that represent their village and to write a book to tell. They were supervised by two teachers living in Tazla and the project manager at BEDE.
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The children have questionned their families and their work is reproduced in this book, supplemented by photos and drawings.couv-plantes-qui-nourrissent-notre-village

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