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The Outdoor Laboratories builds collaboration on the ground between the agricultural community and research for dynamic management and enhancement of agricultural biodiversity. These collaborations are at the request of farmers in Mediterranean, Saharan and sub​​-Saharan territories.
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Latest publications
“Semences paysannes, plantes de demain” (Charles Leopold Mayer ed., 2014) by Robert Ali Brac de la Perriere,
General Coordinateur of BEDE
Read the paper by Jean-Pierre Tuquoi on Reporterre website (french): Tout comprendre de la guerre entre semences contrôlées et paysannes.
Couv Semences paysannes plantes de demain OK
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News from “Terroirs sources”
Togo: the network of agroecologists grows and is strengthened with the creation of Renaat (Network of players in agroecology of Togo). > Read the letter that its President sent to the coordinator of BEDE programs in West Africa (in french)
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Assemblée générale constitutive du RéNAAT (Togo, juillet 2015)

Photos of palm trees, dates and views of the
palm grove in Beni Isguen (Mzab, Algeria)
To be continued …
“Sow on the airwaves”
Anaïs Cram and Lorène Lavocat (Collective DeCybele) started their cyclingtrip in the spring to meet those who cultivate biodiversity through the conservation of peasant seeds: producers of cereals and fruits and vegetables, livestock farmers, but also researchers involved in the conservation and renewal of old varieties or races.

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Soon / Dates to remember

Sow your resistance !

Farmers’ seeds to feed people

Saturday, september 26 : Open Day for the general public and the big festive concert at 19h evening.
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(more information on the public day soon on this site)

International Meeting in the Village Emmaüs in Lescar-Pau (64)
With these  International Meeting
“Sow your resistance”
, the Peasant Seeds Network, the Village Emmaus Lescar-Pau and BEDE wish to give voice to the many fights against the privatization of life and the concrete civil society initiatives for food sovereignty and the protection of farmers’ seeds.
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