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Friday, July 22 / 21h

at CLAP in LODEVE (34)
Representation of the play

“Le Péché ogémique” (“GMO sin”)
Evening co-organized with the Collective of Sowers of Lodévois-Larzac. A show burlesque and citizen written by Etienne Brac (collaboration: Emmanuelle Della Schiava, Cecile Morel, and R.A. Brac de la Ferriere for genetic counseling). Cast : Cecile Morel and Etienne Brac.

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Show for all ages / Duration : 1h15
Price : from 5€
Booking on line or by phone : 04 67 65 45 12

Information : 04 67 65 45 12 (BEDE)
CLAP (Collectif Lodévois d’Aptitudes Partagées : 9 av. Denfert à Lodève (next to Secours Populaire). > Map on CLAP website.


Friday, July 22 / from  9h30

BEDEs’ General Assembly  (activities 2015) + Current projects
Round Table “New GM, new patents: new risks for biodiversity” + Representation of the play “Le péché ogémique” (“The GMO sin”) (see above) in CLAP in Lodève (34).
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Dare 2 12 - copie
Thursday, July 21 / 14h 30
Afternoon open house on Farmers’ Seeds organized by the Collective of Sowers of Lodévois-Larzac at Bousquet d’Orb (34)
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Recent Publications
West Africa / Enhancement of agricultural biodiversity
Couv Consommer local “Consommer la biodiversité locale pour mieux se nourrir” (“Eat local biodiversity for a better diet”)This bilingual and illustrated booklet (Bambara and French) aims to inform consumers, particularly rural women, about issues related to the consumption of local and imported products in Mali.
Through diverse examples, this book shows to what point consuming products from both wild and cultivated biodiversity is important for the environment, the well-being of life on earth and the economy. These are the pillars of food sovereignty as when buying and consuming a product, one must be aware of what is behind it. Good food means good health and sound intellectual development.” Alimata Traore (Convergence of rural women for food sovereignty – COFERSA) and Anne Berson (BEDE)
Published in collaboration with COFERSA (Convergence of Rural Women for Food Sovereignty). Printed and distributed in Mali (2015).
> Read the digital version (low resolution illustrations) / You can also order it in BEDE (10 € + postage).

Publication (French, out of print) to read online or to download : “Les semences des paysannes au cœur de la souveraineté alimentaire” (“Seeds of farmers at the heart of food sovereignty”) Livret "Les semences des paysannes au cœur de la souveraineté alimentaire" (Mali, 2007)In Africa, women play a vital role in the conservation of seeds. In continuation of several exchanges between Malian farmer organizations, Senegalese and French, URCAK and BEDE have organized in December 2006 a workshop on the role of women in the preservation of agricultural biodiversity. The aim was to inform farmers and peasants on current issues that threaten seeds and to link existing initiatives to enhance farmers’ knowledge about local plant heritage. (Published in collaboration with URKAK, 2007)