International Meeting “Sème ta résistance! Les semences paysannes nourissent les peuples” (Sow your resistance ! Farmers’ seeds feed peoples)

In the Village Emmaüs in Lescar-Pau (64)

With these International Meeting “Sow your resistance”, the Peasant Seeds Network, the Village Emmaus Lescar-Pau, ABDEA and BEDE gave voice to the many fights against the privatization of life and the concrete civil society initiatives for food sovereignty and the protection of farmers’ seeds.

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Affiche jour grd pulic et concert
Read the statement of the organizers of the international meeting “Sow your resistance! Farmers’ Seed feed peoples” (25 September 2015)
Logo_CIP Call to Peasant Organizations to sign the Message from farmers’ seed networks around the world to member governements of the governing body of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources (IT PGRFA) (meeting in Rome, 5-9 october 2015)

” We want to tell you that you are in the process of destroying the treaty. It is organising the theft of our seeds and our knowledge. We can no longer continue to give them to researchers and other prospectors that come and collect them in our fields, to then put them in the Treaty’s gene banks. As long as you do not ban all bio-pirated patents, as long as farmers do not have a right to keep, use, exchange and sell seeds from their own harvests, then we will not collaborate with research and gene banks that serve the multinational seed companies.“[…]

› More information, the complete call in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, and the signatories on the Peasant Seeds Network site.

To sign or support the appeal, please send us back the name of your organization : Mauro Conti,  IPC (International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty ): / Émilie Lapprand, Réseau Semences Paysannes français :
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News from “Terroirs sources”
Togo: the network of agroecologists grows and is strengthened with the creation of Renaat (Network of players in agroecology of Togo). > Read the letter that its President sent to the coordinator of BEDE programs in West Africa (french)

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Assemblée générale constitutive du RéNAAT (Togo, juillet 2015)

Photos of palm trees, dates and views of the

palm grove in Beni Isguen (Mzab, Algeria)



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