Agricultural Project is Society Project

BEDE (Biodiversity : Exchange and Dissemination of Experiences) is an international solidarity association for the promotion of
agricultural biodiversity and networking territories in peasant farming and ecological agriculture

Collaborations for :

Collective Actions

Greniers Foire Djimini 2011

Farming Systems

Table ronde Fête des semences Lodève sept 2013 carrée

Seed Systems

Citizen Watches
and Coalitions

Photo Minervoix des peuples 2

of Agricultural

What is a peasant seed ?

What is a peasant seed ?

of Knowledge

In three regions in the world : “Terroirs sources”
Bede_Afrique de l’Ouest Bede-Maghreb Bede-Europe
West Africa Maghreb Europe
Tools to understand and address issues
Eventail panneaux BEDE (fond transparent) 2011_EPI_malette Photo couv catalogue
“GMO issues”: a teaching pack and an exibition
to understand the issues related to genetically modified organisms
in agriculture
“EPI”: a games’ briefcase
to discover, through fun activities, agricultural biodiversity and the different agricultural systems
in the world
publications and
video documentaries
The teaching material realised by BEDE is available only in French A few publications are in English


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