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Recent publications

“Passions de figues”, “Passions for figs”, Authors : Chantal Lombet, Marie Poizat, and Nordine Boulahouat (BEDE). Produced in collaboration with the Association of Figuiculteurs of the wilaya of Bejaia (AFWB) in Algeria, published in September 2016.

With this book BEDE wants to highlight a product with exceptional virtues, and transmit the valuable knowledge of Mediterranean women on the diversity of its uses in the kitchen. In addition to many knowledge about the history, culture and varietal diversity, this book provides a list of sweet and savory recipes as well as therapeutic uses, illustrated with numerous photos.
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“Les plantes qui nourrissent notre village”, “The plants that nourish our village”, by the children of Tazla (Algeria) and Nordine Boulahouat (DFSA). Produced in collaboration with the Association ADHRAR for Local  Development of the Village of Tazla, published in September 2016.
This book is the fruit of an educational project to raise awareness on biodiversity conservation locally grown, started in 2015 with the Association of Tazla (Kabylia, Algeria) and the village children. 17 children aged 7 to 17 were invited to choose the food plants that represent their village and to write a book to tell. They were supervised by two teachers living in Tazla and the project manager at BEDE. The children have questionned their families and their work is reproduced in this book, supplemented by photos and drawings, and published in September 2016.


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“Les variétés améliorées ne sont pas toujours les meilleures (“Improved varieties are not always the best – Agricultural research evaluated by peasants in West Africa.” (BEDE in collaboration with CNOP, COFERSA, IIED, 2009)
This paper reports the findings and observations from farmers and farmers’ organizations coming from West Africa and France and those from the farmers they have met in Mali about the programs carried out by research on varieties of Corn, Sorghum and Millet, the basis of food in this region.
This work made it possible to prepare the intervention of peasants specialized in seeds on the methodologies of participatory selection involving research and peasants, in the Citizen’s Space of Democratic Interpellation (ECID) on the governance of research on agriculture and Food, organized in early 2010 in Mali.