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Occitanie Region / Research and joint construction of knowledge
First meeting “Sciences – Societies”
July 3-5, 2017
Site St Charles, rue du Pr. Henri Serres
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Meeting supported by ALLISS and MSH-Sud and co-organized by Agropolis International / UMR ART-Dev / Artivistes-Atelier / BEDE / UMR CEFE / COGITHON / ComMod / Forum des débats / GDR PARCS / UMR G-eau / UMR Géosciences / UMR GRED / UR Green / Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux / EA LIRDEF / UMR LIRMM / Montpellier SupAgro / MSHS Toulouse / NSS-Dialogues / Les Petits Débrouillards / LabEx SMS / Tela Botanica
July, 3, 2017,1:30 pm : Presentation of the future Science Shop “Agroecology and Food in Occitanie Region” at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme in Montpellier > Access Map
The Association BEDE and the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme-SUD are at the origin of this initiative to create a Science Shop that deals with agro-ecological issues, biodiversity, food and health but also links between these issues. This initiative benefits from the support of the Association Sciences Citoyennes and researchers from the UMR GRED (Joint Research Unit for Governance Risk Environment Development). The premises will be in Montpellier, and the Science Shop will collect requests from all Occitania region.
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Are you a researcher, a student, a member of an association or an interested group? Participate to clarify the project of Science Shop in Occitania by answering this survey (fr.).
West Africa / Biodiversity and food sovereignty
“Éloge des mils : l’héritage africain”
(“Praise of mils: the African heritage”)

A documentary designed and written by Robert Ali Brac de la Perrière and directed by Idriss Diabate.
This film shows why, in a context of food crises aggravated by climate change, the rebirth of millet crops represents a nourishing alternative all the more valuable that it is anchored in a history and knowledge still alive today in West Africa.
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> Part Two Underway: « Éloge des mils : céréales du futur » (“Praise of mils, cereals of the future” (fr)
Recent Publications
West Africa / Seed Regulations

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Study “Semences, normes et paysans (Seeds, Norms and Peasants) : Status of the normative and institutional framework of the seed system and the place of farmers seeds and farmers’ rights in Mali” (IRPAD / BEDE, June 2016) (Fr.)
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West Africa / Biodiversity
“Biodiversity and nutrition” Study to assist in the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for the Systematic Conservation of Biodiversity in National and Regional Nutrition Policies, Programs and Action Plans in Mali..
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West Africa / Research and Agroecology

> Read / Download the study “Contributions nécessaires de la recherche agricole…” (Fr.)

“The necessary contributions of agricultural research for agroecology in West Africa”. This report, prepared in collaboration with FAO, aims to provide an analysis of the needs, experiences and initiatives already undertaken with a view to contributing to the implementation of the recommendations of the International Symposium on Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition (2014) and the FAO Regional Meeting for Africa on Agroecology (2015).
Maghreb / Valorisation of Biodiversity

“Passions de figues”, by Chantal Lombet, Marie Poizat and Nordine Boulahouat (BEDE). > To know more (Fr.)

“Les plantes qui nourrissent notre village”, by the children of Tazla (Algeria) andNordine Boulahouat (BEDE). > To know more (Fr.)
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