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UPCOMING EVENT On November 9, 2019, the Peasant’s Seeds Network, BEDE and several Peasant’ Seeds Houses in Occitania (Chemin Cueillant, Pétanielle, Renova, Les Semeurs du Lodevois Larzac), invite you to discover farmer seeds and those who grow them in France and around the world. This year, ‘Sow your resistance’ will take place in the town […]

IPC ( International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty)

IPC (International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty) What is IPC ? The International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC) is an autonomous and self-organised global platform of small-scale food producers, rural workers’ associations, grassroots/community-based organisations and social movements (800 organisations and 300 million people). The IPC strives to build spaces where social organizations, particularly international […]

Autonomous Seed Systems

Autonomous Seed Systems Why is seed autonomy crucial for food sovereignty? An ecological shift in agriculture is not foreseeable without local control in seed selection by farmers. Climate change is increasingly pronounced and chaotic, which demands a regular adaption in the diversity of crop varieties. However, farmer seed rights, to produce, multiply, exchange, and sell […]


The coalitions : aim at rebalancing the structures of governance to the benefit of local communities that are working hands-on to maintain the diversity of the land and of nutritive systems. In their will to act efficiently in the face of global challenges, groups, communities and associations need to organise in national, regional and international […]


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Collaborations in West Africa

Collaborations in West Africa There are several well-structured and active peasant farmer organizations in West Africa. They are self-organized and cover all fields of food production activities in countries where rural and peasant farmers make up the majority of the population. Extremely open to collaboration and peer exchange, they innovate from their traditions to create […]