Collaborations in West Africa

Rencontres semences, Tabi, Togo, déc 2013 2There are several well-structured and active peasant farmer organizations in West Africa. They are self-organized and cover all fields of food production activities in countries where rural and peasant farmers make up the majority of the population. Extremely open to collaboration and peer exchange, they innovate from their traditions to create autonomous seed systems and food sovereignty

Autonomous Seed Systems in West Africa

READ :  > “Semences paysannes en Afrique de l’Ouest”, Journal de la 4ème Foire ouest-africaine des semences paysannes (Djimini, Sénégal, mars 2014)
(in French only / Hard copy on request to BEDE)
Page 1 journal Foire 2014

Enhancement of agrobiodiversity

Networks, Citizen Watches, and coalitions

News from Terroirs sources” in SenegalTogo and Benin

List of documents produced by BEDE about West Africa (in French)

Peasant Seeds, the Foundation of Food Sovereignty in Africa” (in English)
(CNOP, BEDE, IIED – August 2008)

Video documentaries on GMOs issue in West Africa (in French)