COFERSA (Convergence of Rural Women for Food Sovereignty) is an organization of 36 rural women’s cooperatives. It works to increase the economic power and the social and political status of its members, spread across six regions of Mali.
COFERSA supports the capacity of women farmers in advocacy and agro-ecological production to promote food sovereignty.
Its headquarters are located in Sikasso, in the south-east of Mali. It manages collective plantations and a seed house. It is currently chaired by Mrs Alimata Traoré.

 Since its creation, the women of COFERSA have been working to develop the local products they produce. BEDE supports it by organizing in collaboration  training sessions (Workshop “Consommer local”), and by helping it, for example, to elaborate labels explaining the properties of the local products they market (example of the Datu opposite). In 2010, COFERSA organized Food Day in Sikasso (see the video of this day : “Eating well with local products”), where President Ms Alimata Traoré also explains the objectives of COFERSA).

As a continuation of this work, BEDE and COFERSA produced in 2015 a bilingual booklet “Consuming Local Biodiversity for Better Food”.
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Since 2009, COFERSA has been organizing itself to reclaim the agricultural biodiversity and the know-how held by women for the valorization of peasant seeds.
> Training “Produce local seeds in peasant agroecology” (Sikasso, Nov. 2016)

Read the article “Women champions of local seed preservation” by Nourou-Dhine Salouka on the site of the West African Caravan for the convergence of struggles for land, water and seeds.