Collaborations in Maghreb

Photo KabylieInnovation in the mountain farming systems and oases of the Maghreb is supported by peasant communities that are still alive and diverse.
The food self-sufficiency of these marginal areas has always depended on the maintenance of the diversity of feeding trees of civilization such as the fig tree in the Atlas Mountains and the date palm in the Sahara. Today, local producers’ associations and processors are at the forefront in promoting the agricultural and food heritage of arid regions severely affected by climate change.
With the Association des Figuiculteurs de la Wilaya de Béjaia / AFWB in Kabylie (Algeria)Figues Kabylie, variété Azendjar
With the Association  Tazdait Dlal Oussane in Beni Isguen, Mzab (Algeria)Palmier site 90 ko

Agroecological systems

  • Water management system coupled with the management of cultivated biodiversity, adaptation of underground diffusion
  • Animal traction
  • Small rustic poultry production in self-production, valorization of mountain stumps, selection (Kabylie, Algeria)
  • Improved drying and conditioning of the fig (Kabylie, Algeria)
  • Securing the climbers of date palm (Sahara, Algéria) : A safety harness  › Read more (Fr.)

Valorisation of agricultural biodiversity

  • Support for the creation of the Association of figuiculturists of the wilaya of Bejaia (AFWB), (Kabylie, Algeria)
  • Creation of small economic entities, preferably for female, to enhance local biodiversity through artisanal processing of food
 Fig transformation workshop in Beni Maouche (Kabylie, Algeria))
Since 2009, BEDE and the Association of the fig cultivators of the wilaya of Bejaïa work on the valorization of the figs by the transformation, and supported the creation of a cooperative of 13 figuiculteurs which is in the process of having a workshop of transformation in which women will work. › Read more (Fr.)
Quelques participantes pendant l'atelier
  • Support for the organization of events, festivals, fairs, which contribute to the valorization of the local plants by the peasant communities or even support to the participation of these communities in events organized by other structures (days of the fig or of the date).
Fig Festival in Bejaïa (Kabylie, Algeria, december 2 – 4, 2014)
› Read more (Fr.)
Stands et visiteurs fete figue Bejaia dec2014

Joint Construction of Knowledge