Fig festival in Bejaia, Algeria (December 2, 3, and 4, 2014)

By Chafiaa Ait Hamoudi, facilitator of the Association of fig growers of the Bejaia wilaya (AFWB).

The “First days on the techniques of fig growing” took place this year from December 2 to 4, 2014 in Bejaia at the cultural center, an even better reason to celebrate this fruit during the Fig Festival.

89 participants exposed their work, of which the majority were fig growers from Beni Maouche, the others coming from Beni Djellil and Brebacha.  The fig processing cooperative from Beni Maouche was also present, as well as a processor from the village of Tiwal, Mr. Abid Mourad.  The fair took place over three days and was opened by the wali.The second day was dedicated to exhibition and sale, and in the conference room there was a space reserved to discuss the fig and the labeling of the Beni Maouche fig.  Among the products, besides the dried figs, one could also find olives, acorns, and carobs.

Figuesseches et autres produits fete figue
And of course the processed products : jams and cakes from the cooperative.
Stand et produits coop BM

The next Fig Festival is already in the making!

Several points to take into consideration came out of discussions for the preparation of the next fig festival :

Start putting up posters and advertising the event a month or 15 days before in order to motivate the general public;

◊ Propose conferences on themes that are particularly interesting to fig growers, and propose tools for the profession, for example :

  • make prototypes of fig dryers,
  • study the differences in maturation of figs and the question of whether climate change has an influence on the migration of Blastophaga wasps, etc.

◊ See if the association can recruit someone to organize the event;

◊ Invite more fig growers from other regions of the wilaya, outside of Beni Maouche.