Agroecological Farming Systems

Application sur des pommiers, du badigeon fait d'argile, de bouse fraîche, de purin de consoude, et d'une cuillère d'huile qui sert de liant Peasant farming is returning to agroecological practices after having gone through setbacks from production-driven agriculture supported by agricultural policies in the last decades. Negative health effects of pesticide use in rural communities, the destruction of soil life accentuated by the use of synthetic fertilizers, and the increased dependency on the input industry push small farmers away from the agricultural model promoted by technicians. The current challenge is to rediscover the know-how of the elders and to share innovation that is compatible with sustainable peasant agroecology.

Diversifying agriculture with fruit tree farming in Minervois (Languedoc-Roussillon, France)

Traction animale (Mzab, Algérie)

Récolte de riz (Casamance, Sénégal)

Rencontres DARE Dorset (GB) 2015

Irrigation économe en eau (Minervois)Traction animale (Rémi Serres), Mzab, AlgériePanier figues et fruits, Beni Maouche (Algérie)