Water management in Minervois

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An innovative tool Over the past years BEDE has attempted to gather the financial means to put in place three teaching tools in the Minervois on irrigation management adapted to the Mediterranean context, where the irregularity of rainfall is increasing with climate change. The idea, inspired by the work of Tunisian researchers, is to value excess seasonal rainfall by storing water in the soil through underground diffusion. A minimal reserve stored at the surface serves as a buffer to recharge the underground storage, in case rain events are too far apart. This method of irrigation, adapted to Mediterranean fruit trees, tempers the summer drought and can profit from the smallest storm to bring water directly to the roots.First drip irrigation at Gimios Il a été possible de réaliser la première installation chez Anne Marie Lavaysse dans la commune de Saint Jean du Minervois. Runoff collected from a 300 M2 roof is directed towards two buffer tanks, from which the water is sent towards the underground diffusers between 60 and 80 cm depth.  One plot with approximately 100 trees, mainly olives, was thus equipped.
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Latest achievements Putting in place diffusers for underground irrigation (in Mailhac) Recuperating runoff water in a basin (Azillanet) to be used for drip irrigation and/or predictive irrigation, making use of surplus seasonal rain. These last examples, to be used as references, were put in place thanks to a collective project organized by Chemin Cueillant. A workshop to exchange ideas on innovative techniques took place through the program “Outdoor Laboratories “. › Download the summary sheet of this workshop.Installation bâche récupération eaux de ruissellement Minervois