Research and joint construction of knowledge

Formation sur les semences d'oignon (avec l'ASPSP, Sénégal)1All those who interact with agricultural and food biodiversity carry knowledge, experience, and reflection that can prove useful for innovating techniques and methods for food provisioning in a troubled world. The sort of knowledge held by university and academic researchers and by specialized technicians can complement that of the practitioners in the field to create innovative devices. Democratizing agricultural research is extremely necessary for equitable and efficient collaboration with peasant communities.

The Outdoor Laboratories: a collaborative research device for agricultural biodiversity experimented from 2013 to 2015 in France, Algeria and Benin.

Expérimentations paysannes sur la culture du niébé en agroécologie paysanne au Bénin, en collaboration avec un chercheur entomologiste malien (Fr.)

European Exchanges for Democratizing Agricultural Research in Europe (DARE)

A concret result of participatory action research :
► a safety harness for climbers of date palm, jointly designed by Petzel Foundation technicians/ingeneers and a date farmers organisation in South Algeria with the association Tazdaït of Beni Isguen.
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