Outdoor Laboratories : a process for collaborative research for agricultural biodiversity
The Outdoor Laboratories builds collaboration on the ground between the agricultural community and research for dynamic management and enhancement of agricultural biodiversity. These collaborations are at the request of farmers in Mediterranean, Saharan and sub​​-Saharan territories.
History and collaborations The first process “Outdoor Laboratories”, initiated by BEDE , was established with the Citizen Science Foundation and two joint research units in Montpellier (CEFE and INNOVATION) and implemented from 2013 to 2015. This project was proposed to the members of the Resource territories with which Bede worked for several years in Minervois (France), Kabylia and Mzab (Algeria) and Djougou (Pendjari, Benin).


Project supported by Agropolis Foundation and the NRA, under the “Investments for the Future” program (attributive assistance agreement ANR-10-0001-01-LabX), FPH and the Fondation de France.