Palmier site 90 koFigues Kabylie (Algérie)Gimios irrig olivier nov 2012
Steps planned / achieved

1. Conduct a state of the art report on participative methods for action-research and collaborative research for agrobiodiversity (French). 2. Draw out farmers’ questions. 3. Organize a first encounter with researchers, academics, and farmers in order to share with all the concrete situations, discuss the different possible themes for collaborative research, define the first steps and relevant methods to get started 4. In each territory organize workshops for exchange between stakeholders (local workers, collectives, NGOs, technical institutions, research laboratories) on the questions and themes of action research and the methods put in place to realize them. 5. Create an international conference for a summary of the collaborative steps taken and the first results in the different resource territories (April 27-29, 2015) and open the reflexion during a Forum (April, 30). 6. Create a summary document which translates into an action research project that is more ambitious, with precise and original methodological proposals concerning collaborative research. 7. Produce one or more documents on methodology concerning collaborative steps for agrobiodiversity, accessible to relevant actors in France, the Maghreb, and West Africa.


Agroecological fight against pests of the katche and toura (cowpea) beans in the Djougou region (Benin)

Autonomous water management of arboriculture in the Minervois (France)

Democratization of peasant agroecological research in the Lodevois and Larzac (France)

Diversifying peasant grapevine varietals and seedlings in the Minervois (France)

Economic enhancement of the biodiversity of date palms in Mzab (Algeria)

Enhancement of fig biodiversity in Beni Maouche, Bejaia wilaya (Algeria)

Palmier site 90 koFigues Kabylie (Algérie)Gimios irrig olivier nov 2012

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