Organization of the process

An initial period of collaborative experiences between communities in the resource territories and researchers took place from june 2013 to June 2015.

With farmers, representatives of local peasant organizations :
 Chemin Cueillant in the Minervois (France),
  Fig growers’association from the Bejaia wilaya in Kabylia (Algeria),
  Tazdait dal Oussan association in Mzab (Algeria),
 Organization of Rural People for Sustainable Agriculture, ORAD, of Djougou (Benin);

and with national universities geographically or thematically close to the resource territories  :
 Montpellier Supagro for the Minervois,
  the University of Bejaia for Algeria,
  the University of Abomey-Calavi  for Benin.
Steering committee and Counsel
For a governance truly shared of this collaborative research project, representatives of farmer organizations and of the universities were asked to be members of the steering committee.
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First associated structures
In France : Association Chemin Cueillant in the Minervois (Nathalie Ramos, et Supagro Montpellier (Pascale Moity-Maïzi,
In Algeria : Association des figuiculteurs de la wilaya de Bejaia (Fig growers’association) (Kabylie) (Chafiaa Aït Hamoudi, and the University of Bejaia (Hayet Louaileche, / Association Tazdait, of Beni Isguen (Mzab) (Belhadj Tirichine,
In Benin : Organisation des ruraux pour une agriculture durable (Orad) (Organization of Rural People for Sustainable Agriculture) of Djougou (Omer Agoligan, et the University of Abomey-Calavi (Jeanne Zoundjihékpon,