International Seminar
of the Outdoor Laboratories for Agrobiodiversity
April 27-29, 2015

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The Outdoor Laboratories method was started in 2013 to establish collaborative research programs, based on priorities defined by peasant farmers engaged in an ecological transition of their ways of farming. The activities are focused on questions formed by the farmers and researchers together in the different areas (Languedoc-Roussillon in France, Kabylia and Mzab in Algeria, and Djougou in Benin) aimed at enhancing agricultural biodiversity.
An international seminar and forum are organized in April 2015 to reflect on and discuss the results so far of the collective method and to open the reflection to the entire scientific community, teachers, researchers, and students.

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The International Seminar : April 27-29, 2015

This seminar will bring together those involved in the Outdoor Laboratories project. It will put an end to two years of fruitful collaborative research on questions brought forward by farmers and researchers, in different territories, and will lay the foundation to a larger project open to other areas and agricultural communities.

The principal objectives of the seminar are :

1. Present and discus the multi-actor workshops carried out during the project in order to tease out the principal teachings, both in terms of the production of knowledge as well as the collaborative process;
2. Analyze the way in which people involved in the Outdoor Laboratories project have contributed to reinforcing links between farmers and researchers, and to the democratization of research while identifying constraints (spatial, economic, technical, political) associated with each territory and its representations.
3. Use these reflections to propose and for the promotion of collaborative methods with the prospect of a future project, while constructing the main scientific axes of it and by identifying potential partners of this project.

The project of the Outdoor Laboratories for Agrobiodiversity is carried by BEDE, UMR Innovation and UMR CEFE, in collaboration with the association “Citizen Sciences Foundation”. The project is supported by the “Open Science” programme of the Agropolis Foundation.

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