Networks, Citizen Watches, and Coalitions

LLD8 salle de travailRencontres méditerranéennes Semences paysannes Djerba Tunisie nov 2006

All our activities are based on and carried out in a collective manner. These collective actions take three different forms: Networks, Citizen watch, and Coalitions.

► What is a Network ?

A network is a web of organizations that work together over time each being involved in joint governance.
For example: le Reseau semences paysannes (Farmer Seeds Network)

► What is a Citizen Watch ?

A group of associations that organize a flow of information on a certain issue and that constitute a citizen information desk and a platform for exchange around this issue.
For example: Inf’OGM, citizen watch-group of critical and independent information on GMOs, biotechnology and seeds.

► What is a coalition ? A collective of organizations that can act in very different fields but that come together for a variable period to advocate a common cause.
For example: le Collectif pour une agroécologie paysanne (Collective for Peasant Agroecology)


Citizen Watches