The coalitions :

aim at rebalancing the structures of governance to the benefit of local communities that are working hands-on to maintain the diversity of the land and of nutritive systems.
In their will to act efficiently in the face of global challenges, groups, communities and associations need to organise in national, regional and international coalitions.
Despite linguistic difficulties, different regulatory frameworks and sometimes deeply-rooted historical sociocultural conflicts, a collective construction of organisation is being set up.
BEDE is participating in the networking and in the organisation of the advocates by supporting participative and decentralised operations.

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The rights to seeds of farmers, gardeners and those of artisan seeds producers can no longer be exceptional.These must be recognised as inalienable rights under the law by endorsing the age-old contribution of farmers and local communities to the creation, the conservation and the regeneration of cultivated biodiversity.

  • Community for Peasant Agroecology
› Read the Declaration “Towards peasant agroecology” (January 2014)
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›  Listen to extraits de la Conférence pour une agroécologie paysanne (3 April 2014, Palais Bourbon), on Zoomécologie
  • “Sow your resistance :
    Peasant Seeds feed people”
Along with the Réseau Semences Paysannes (Farmer Seeds Network) and the companions of Village d’Emmaüs  Lescar-Pau (Pyrénées Atlantiques), an internatinal meeting “Sème ta résistance : les semences paysannes nourrissent les peuples” from 24 to 26 septembre 2015.
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  • REMADEL (Réseau Maghrébin des Associations de Développement Local en milieu rural)

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