Autonomous Seed Systems

Montage mains et semences

Why is seed autonomy crucial for food sovereignty?
An ecological shift in agriculture is not foreseeable without local control in seed selection by farmers. Climate change is increasingly pronounced and chaotic, which demands a regular adaption in the diversity of crop varieties. However, farmer seed rights, to produce, multiply, exchange, and sell them, are threatened by the normative framework of industrial seed companies (catalogs, property rights, plant variety rights, patents…). Traditional farmer varieties are moreover denatured by commercialized genetically manipulated (GMO) and patented plants.
Peasant farmer organizations are working to restore collective rights and autonomous seed systems to protect their seeds and to evolve their plants according to their needs.
Mur peint Les semences paysannes sont les meilleures, Bénin

Painted wall in Togo
“Peasant seeds are the best.
We have to value them! “

Farmer Selection

Farmer Seed Houses

Meetings, Fairs and Exchanges of Seeds and Seedlings



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