Biodiversity, nutrition and food

legumesPeasants have a dynamic relationship with biodiversity through farming and their food. This biodiversity is necessary for the adaptation of the agricultural system, and is also recognized as a cultural heritage of the land and of rural communities. Adding economic value through artisanal processing, most often close to the farms, and direct sale at local markets involves the farmers, particularly women, in new forms of emancipatory organizations (associations, cooperatives, etc.)
Femmes BeniMaouche Formation transformation figue aout 2013

Adding value to and commercialization of local products with COFERSA / Association of rural womenfor food sovereignty (Sikasso, Mali) :

>  Workshop “Consum locally” / Sikasso (Mali), 16 October 2011

Adding value to fig varieties, with the Cooperative of fig growers of the Bejaia province (wilaya), Algeria) :

> Workshop on fig processing / Beni Maouche (Algeria), august 2013