OGM ENJEUX (GMO Issues): A website
and a USB key

Photo clé face logo BEDETwo tools (Fr.) proposed by BEDE and Rés’OGM Info to inform,
think, and debate about
Genetically Modified Organisms

What is the situation in France, in Europe, in the world? What are the new technologies of modification of the living? What are the impacts of GMOs on the economy, agriculture, environment and health? Can their multiplication solve the problems of food in the world? These two new mediums offer several tools to understand and provide elements of response to these questions : slideshows, reports, articles, video sequences and more on the site, an animated film and links.

You will find these tools on a site because it is the medium that has to be invested to reach those who are more and more numerous, especially the younger generations, to access to it and use it to inform themselves.

And on a USB key because, for those who can hardly connect to the internet, it is a convenient and light way to access and disseminate the information. This key includes a free storage space of 2 GB and a part containing the interface and the folder of contents of GMO ISSUES. This file can not be removed from the key but can be copied limitless, and we hope that it will be widely distributed.

These tools are intended for everyone and will be particularly useful for facilitators and teachers willing to present the issue of GMOs under one or more aspects developed in the different themes proposed : Current state, Technology, Economy, Health and Environment, Agriculture and Food and Democracy.

Photo clé face logo OGM EnjeuxThe USB key is broadcast in West Africa and the Maghreb