After “Praise of mils, the African heritage”,
“Praise of mils, cereals of the future”

“Today we have accumulated more than 80 hours of shooting, filmed on three continents: in Africa (we crossed Mali, and Senegal, Niger, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Algeria), Europe (France, and Germany for biofuel), Asia (India, the world’s leading producer).
In viewing the rushes, we realized that this film required two parts, one focusing on the African anchoring of these plants of civilization, an approach by the Sahelian societies themselves, and the other on the orientations of Research and of ongoing development programs and the initiatives led by the social movements in the context of climate change. “
Idriss Diabate et Robert Ali Brac de la Perrière
The second part of this documentary, “Cereals of the Future”, takes us in India where the rural communities have organized themselves to defend and value the many varieties of this nutritional cereal they have selected. But it is also in India that the biggest international research program on the mils continues with a global market-oriented approach. Very sophisticated research (biotechnology, genomics) applies to imagine the mils of the future. The hybrids selected correspond primarily to the interests of intensive industrial agriculture in extension for animal feed or for agro-fuels …
But the future of the mils is not only played out in these research centers. In the context of global warming, in France, some growers and processors in agroecology are starting to value mils and sorghos for human food. And in India and West Africa, in networks, at fairs, growers of mils organize and ally to continue to live from their peasant varieties and rehabilitate this cereal.

ICRISAT Experimental Field and Research Station, Andhra Pradesh, India

Sorghum harvest in Arles
(South of France)

The vast majority of the sequences in this part have been shot, but this documentary “Praise of the mils: cereals of the future” needs additional funding to cover the costs of filming in Europe and post-production.

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Hyderabad high school students listening to one of them talking about mils for the future.

Photos : Woman preparing sorghum for conservation (DDS) and ICRISAT Research station and Field (Andhra Pradesh, India)
Palm grove and baskets of mils in Tolga (Southern Algeria) and field of organic sorghum of Christian Clavié in Muret (South of France)

Truck organized for the itinerant sale of many varieties of millet in Andhra Pradesh in India.