Professionalization of the Date Palm Climbers (PGP)
Project PAP ENPARD Algeria n° ENPI/2017/393-784

A project supported by associations BEDE and AREA-ED and funded by the European Union within the framework of Euro-Mediterranean agreements of Cooperation and Neighborhood


The aim of this project is to complement the Algerian policy of support to the phoenicultural sector through a series of actions in favor of the workers of date palm.

Valuing a neglected occupation

Main objective and program framework

Why a program for the Professionalization of the Date Palm Climbers ?

The Algerian palm grove and its 18 million palm trees would need about 100,000 workers to perform the work on the ground and especially in height. This lack of skilled workers causes considerable economic loss and hinders phœnicicole policy of the country. The abandonment of thousands of palm trees leads to the loss of a biodiversity heritage valued at nearly 1000 varieties of date palms.

This dangerous profession, without an appropriate legal framework, confined to the informal economy, equipped with archaic tools and virtually excluded from vocational training, needs to be revitalized.

Methodological Basis of the Program for Professionalisation of the Date Palm Climbers (PGP)

Main basis of this program is inclusion.

It emanates from recommendations made by many actors in the date chain gathered in a Workshop in April 2017 in Touggourt.
The PGP organizes participative and collaborative frameworks between local actors involved in the production :

  • landless, salaried or self-employed palm workers;
  • owners of palm groves;
  • —civil society organizations;
  • —chambers of agriculture ;
  • —local institutional representations (research stations, training centers, agricultural services, local authorities …).
Pilot wilayates (regions)
  • Adrar, from which come many climbers employed in the oases of the North;
  • El Oued, where phoeniculture is strongly affected by competition of labor for market gardening;
  • Ouargla, in intermediate situation between the 2 previous wilayates.

Main actions and expected results

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