Professionnalization of the date palms climbers

Main actions and expected results

Professionnalize by the legal recognition

The occupation of worker of the date palm , especially when exercised in an independent capacity, needs legal recognition, which opens the right to social cover, under conditions adapted to reality.

  • Socio-economic survey on work in the palm plantation carried out in the 3 wilayates (Adrar, El Oued, Ouargla);
  • Study of the current legal offer

→ A legal framework project. A bill is drafted in a participatory framework.

Professionnalize by training

This pilot process is organized in 4 steps:

  • — Preliminary study of training needs
  • — Participatory workshop to elaborate a proposition for a training program
  • — Technical workshop for the development of the training repository
  • — Design, test and evaluation of a training program

A training program
9 trained trainers
90 trained date palm climbers

In a long-term perspective, training must be constantly fed by scientific and technical research. This training program is complemented by a study on research needs and the organization of a meeting of researchers and date palm growers and climbers, in order to launch participatory research projects.

Professionnalize by the modernization of the tools

Two activities contribute to this modernization:

Twenty tools tested and evaluated by practitioners.

Professionnalize by the structuration

The project encourages palm workers to organize themselves into service companies and professional associations.

  • — Development and dissemination of awareness materials;
  • — Radio communication training to disseminate information relating to the profession;
  • Business Formation, Economic Interest Groups and Professional Associations;
  • Supporting device for project carriers.

60 date palm growers introduced to business creation  and Economic Interest Group and 60 introduced to the création  of association
Support device for project carriers (Adrar, El Oued, Ouargla)