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In the bimonthly of Inf’OGM (Citizens ‘watch for information on GMOs and seeds) > “Afrique de l’Ouest : BEDE accompagne les organisations paysannes” by Frédéric Prat, Inf’OGM, 21/12/2017

Recruitment / Internship offers

BEDE and AREA-ED recruit 3 mission managers in Algeria for a period of 20 months

> Offer and job description (Fr.) (posted on January 25, 2018)

BEDE offers a Master 2 internship in Benin

> Master 2 internship offer in Benin (Fr.) (posted on January 23, 2018)

         Date palm in Algeria                                                         Niebe field in Benin
Soon / Dates to remember
Thursday 15 and Thursday 22 March (new dates):
Selection and governance of peasant seeds”, a training organised by BEDE in Montpellier > To learn more and register (Fr.)
Recent months
WEST AFRICA / Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin

Seed systems and the rights to food

Workshop “Transformation of Seed Systems and Grabbing of Genetic Resources in Burkina Faso and West Africa”, organized by the Global Network for the Right to Food and Nutrition and the Global Convergence of struggles for Land and Water – West Africa (CGLTE-WA) in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, from 22 to 24 November 2017.
BEDE participated both as a member of the West African Seed Committee (COASP) and the CGLTE but also as a stakeholder in the CoEx Research Program on the coexistence of seed systems (> Learn more (Fr.)). It was proposed to pool the activities in order to strengthen the coordination between the different networks that are part of the CGLTE-WA. During the workshop, a joint action program was drawn up by participants from ten or so countries in the region. > Learn more (Fr.)

West African Committee for Peasant Seeds / COASP

Regional COASP : Continuing the structuring of the West African Committe for Peasant Seeds at regional level (West Africa) > Learn more (Fr.)
and COASP-Mali > Learn more (Fr.)
Agroecology and joint construction of knowledge
Mali : Training in agroecology of academics, agricultural technicians and members of decision-making bodies
> Learn more (Fr.)
Benin : Farmer experimentation in collaboration with a researcher on cowpea culture in peasant agroecology
> Learn more (Fr.)

> Master 2 Internship offer in Benin (Fr.)

MAGHREB / Algeria
Agricultural Biodiversity
Multiplication and valorization of fig varieties
News from the “Association des Figuiculteurs de la Wilaya de Bejaïa”
> Learn more (Fr.)

EUROPE / France (Occitanie)
Research and Joint construction of knowledge
Launch of the Occitanie Science Shop at the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSHSUD) in Montpellier
> Read the flyer (front/back) (Fr.)
> Learn more about BEDE’s involvement in the project (Fr.)

Latest Publications and Videos
The documentary “In Praise of Millets – The African Heritage” (60′, 2017), written by R.A. Brac de la Perrière and directed by Idriss Diabate, out of print, has been re-produced in french version and in the version  subtitled in English.
> Learn more (Fr.)

> Trailer (Fr.)
> Purchase order (Fr.)

> Purchase order (Fr)
The compilation of 13 videos directed by Anne Berson Déna and reunited under the title “Peasant agroecology: what contributions of research in West Africa? Peasant experiences, interviews and points of view”  (Fr.) is proposed on a USB key distributed in West Africa and for sale (€ 5) at BEDE headquarters in Montpellier .
> Learn more and watch the videos (Fr.)
“Peasant Seeds in West Africa / Production Guide” (Fr.), coordinated and written by Anne Berson Déna, (A4, 98 p, August 2017, 20 €). This guide is of great interest in West Africa but also in Europe. He will soon be out of print
> Learn more and access to some chapters and seed production information sheets for a few crops (Fr.)
> Purchase order (Fr.)
See other publications and videos produced by BEDE