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On November 9, 2019, the Peasant’s Seeds Network, BEDE and several Peasant’ Seeds Houses in Occitania (Chemin Cueillant, Pétanielle, Renova, Les Semeurs du Lodevois Larzac), invite you to discover farmer seeds and those who grow them in France and around the world. This year, ‘Sow your resistance’ will take place in the town of Mèze next to Sète (Hérault, South of France). Farmers’ delegations from about forty countries are expected.

The meeting’s programme includes: an association forum, an exhibition of cultivated diversity, a seed and plant exchange, practical workshops open to all (introduction to baking, learning to graft, producing organic seeds, etc.), a children’s area, round tables/conference, concerts and catering.

Since its creation in 2003, the members of the Peasant’ Seeds Network have regularly organized international meetings bringing together practitioners, farmers, gardeners and seed artisans from all over the world. These international meetings are an important breakthrough to recover the knowledge and know-how associated with seeds that are too often lost in industrialized countries. They have made it possible to build links, alliances and projects between practitioners of cultivated biodiversity in the different regions of the world committed to peasant, ecological and solidarity-based agriculture.

Full program to come at the beginning of October, free admission

Provisional Program

“De l’oignon de Tarassac, semence paysanne” by Yves Giraud
(Co-published by Collectif des Semeurs du Lodévois-Larzac / BEDE / RSP, december 2018)

This book is the story of the rebirth of a peasant variety, written by the one who brought it out of oblivion.
It is an investigation into the origin of the Tarassac onion, a sweet Mediterranean onion, and an encounter with some of its Occitan cousins and those who grow them. It is also a testimony of an organic farmer’s awareness and progress towards self-production of seeds, a plea on the crucial importance of peasant seeds for agro-ecology and our food.
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“Les droits collectifs des paysans
sur leurs semences” (fr.)

“Les droits collectifs des paysans sur leurs semences”
(“The peasants’ collective rights to their seed”, november 2018)
This document compiles some elements collected and analysed during the process “Norms and Farmers Seeds: For the recognition of farmers’ seed systems and farmers’ rights in Mali”, initiated in March 2016 and ongoing. It should enable those who wish to do so to engage in national and regional advocacy in West Africa


Consolidating peasant seed systems in Africa”
A training course proposed by BEDE (21-23 May 2019, Montpellier)
The objective is to propose to the leaders of farmers’ organizations, members of associations and international solidarity NGOs, tools that will enable them to best support farmers involved in the promotion of peasant seed systems in peasant agro-ecology.

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Information and registrations : bede[at]bede-asso.org / 04 67 65 45 12
Burkina Faso / Seed dynamics in networks
A space for exchange and training on market gardening seeds
(5 to 10 October 2018, Réo Agroecological Farm, Burkina Faso)
To meet the challenge of peasant autonomy in market gardening seeds, several peasant agroecology practitioners from organizations in Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Benin, Togo and Niger involved in the West African Peasant Seed Committee (COASP) met at the Réo Agroecological Farm (APAD FAR) in Burkina Faso from 5 to 10 October 2018.

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West Africa / Rights of peasant communities
Second West African Caravan of the Convergence of Struggles
• November 10 to 30, 2018, BEDE and its collaborating organizations participated in the second edition of the West African Caravan on the theme “Right to land, water and peasant agro-ecology: a common struggle!
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Mali / Seed dynamics in networks
Living huts of peasant seeds
• December 2018 : Training at the Benkadibugu Farm-School (Segou, Mali) for capacity building of members of the network for the promotion of biodiversity for agriculture and food: market gardening session in peasant agroecology. > To know more (fr.)
Algeria / Support for peasant communities
Professionalization program for date palm climbers (BEDE / AREA-ED) > To know more about the program (fr.)
• November, 2018 : “Trainers’ training and “Workshop to develop a professional training and evaluation referential”
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• January, 2019 : A multi-stakeholder approach: three simultaneous meetings organised in Timimoun. > Read the press release (fr.) / > Photos

France / Collaborative Research
A Science Shop in Occitanie : Workshop to develop a collaborative and prospective research project, “For a territorialized food supply from ecological and peasant agriculture” (13 Nov. 2018, MSH SUD, Montpellier)
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Collaborative Research
Acknowledgement of peasant seed systems in legislative frameworks and seed policies
BEDE’s participation in the annual meeting of the CoEX research programme on “Adaptive governance of cultural diversity management strategies”, which took place from 22 to 24 November 2018 in Thiès, Senegal.
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(Photo : P.M. Fall, ASPSP, 2018)

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